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If you experience any difficulties in accessing any of the documents added to this website, please contact the Clerk by email, or call 07813 788094, and we will make arrangements for hard copies to be available for you.

If you cannot find any information you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to assist. 

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Census Day is 21st March 2021.

By taking part and encouraging others to do the same, you will help to make sure your community gets the services it needs.

Further information is available from




Kits have now been distributed to all houses in the Parish.  If, for any reason, you have not received one, please contact one of your local councillors.

We will soon have the signs which will be sited around the Parish.

Please remember, too, that you are entitled to a discount on your home insurance as part of this scheme - ask your Insurance Provider for more details. 

If you have not had your kit, please contact Katrina (07813 788094) or contact one of your local parish councillors and arrangements will be made for you to receive your kit and instructions.



 Following emergency legislation and regulations by the Secretary of State, the decision has been taken to cancel the following meetings:

Annual Parish Meeting                      Annual General Meeting

In accordance with the Regulations 2020, any appointments which would usually  be made at the Annual Meeting will continue until the next Annual Meeting or until the council decides otherwise, whichever is the earlier.  It is currently anticipated that the next Annual Council Meeting will take place in May 2021. 

The Parish Council continues to represent the community, if you have any questions or concerns about any local issues, please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk.

Regards, Katrina - Acting Clerk

07813 788094 




First of all, please can we thank everyone who took time to complete the recent questionnaire and return them to the Council.  The report and analysis is now available.

Thanks are also extended to Councillor Connor and Councillor Hughes, for their work to analyse the responses and to all the Parish Councillors who distributed and collected them from local residents.

The report will be used when the Parish Council is considering new applications.  We hope that it will also be a useful document associated to the Neighbourhood Plan.

Finally, the Parish Council is also pleased to hear from any landowner or developer, who has an interest in a site within the Parish of Ercall Magna, which includes Ellerdine, Rowton, Roden, Poynton and other hamlets.

If you wish to discuss any matter, please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk or Local Councillors.


Citizens Advice, Telford & Wrekin , increases capacity to help people during Covid-19. 

The charity has increased the number of staff and volunteers to deal with its local telephone lines and new email information service.

The public can get help and advice on issues such as how to claim top up benefits, manage payments, cancel holiday plans or employment worries.  They can be contacted on

01952 567193 or 567173.

Alternatively, why not email case@telfordcab.co.uk.

Their Chief Executive Officer said 'It is a new way of working, but we find we can help people just as effectively through telephone and email, including helping filling in forms, dealing with complicated matters or getting information'

A full range of advice and information available can be found at The CAB website.



We sincerely hope that you are keeping well and staying safe.  This is vitally important in order to support our NHS at this difficult time, and to reduce the impact of this life-threatening virus.

You must stay at home.  You should only consider leaving the house for essential shopping, limited exercise close to home or if you are a key-worker that cannot work at home.

Telford & Wrekin Council has set up a Community Support Group.  If you need help or assistance in any way, please contact 01952 382030 and someone locally will help you.

Arrangements can be made to collect your shopping or your prescriptions.  It maybe that you just feel you need to talk to someone.

Alternatively, you can contact your local councillors - details are available on this website or ring 07813 788094.

Stay Safe! 

Ercall Magna Parish Council is situated on the Shropshire plain at an altitude generally of 240 feet (70 metres) above sea level and is the largest rural parish (in area) in the Unitary Authority of Telford & Wrekin Council.

HouseIt has an area of 3,739 Hectares (14.43 sq miles) and a perimeter of 38.84 Km's (24.13 miles). There are 746 properties in the parish and an electorate of 1361 (July 2018). The 2001 census showed a total population of the parish of 1682.

In the centre of the parish is the village of High Ercall, with hamlets in Cold Hatton, Ellerdine and Ellerdine Heath, Poynton and Poynton Green, Roden, Rowton and Walton.


The boundaries of the parish are mostly within the Telford & Wrekin Council area except to the west which is with Shropshire Council. To the east and south there are splendid views across the Wrekin, and south Shropshire hills. It has easy access to the medieval town of Shrewsbury and the modern town of Telford.

High Ercall Parish Council, as it was then called, was set up by the Local Government Act of 1894. Thomas Buttrey was one of the first members of the parish council and at twenty-one years old must then have been the youngest parish Councillor in the whole of England.

Ercall Magna Parish Council is the largest rural parish in Telford & Wrekin and it represents the communities in Roden, Ellerdine, Rowton and High Ercall.

Details of the agendas and minutes are available on this website.

There are 12 Parish Councillors and they are elected every four years.

Meetings take place every month (except August).

If you are interested in the role and work of a Parish Councillor, please do attend a meeting or contact the Clerk for more information.

All Parish & Town Councils are statutory consultees in the Planning Process. The Planning Authority for our Parish is Telford & Wrekin Council.

The Planning Committee often meet to discuss planning and development matters within the parish and strategic documents.

All local councils have a duty to set a budget which will represent the aims and objectives of the council. This is called a precept and is collected on our behalf by TWC from the residents as part of their Council Tax.

An Asset Register is available as it part of the end of year audit and governance paperwork.

All Parish & Town Councils have a series of policies and procedures which govern how the Council is run, this forms part of the requirements of the Transparency Code.

At the Annual General Meeting of the Council, held annually in May, the Council agrees a schedule of meetings for the year.

All agendas and minutes are available. At the start of each full council meeting there is a public session where residents are welcome to raise any matter with the Councillors.